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Downloads on this page contain links to the most recent KANINE software installations
KANINE Software Downloads Supported operating systems are: Windows XP through Windows 10, 1GB RAM minimum recommended. DEMO NOTE: KANINE initially installs in Demo mode. So, if you would like to try KANINE software for free now, you can use this download to evaluate KANINE. When ready to purchase, no additional downloads will be required. KANINE 5.0 Primary software download (V. 5.1.62-Posted 4-20-2015) The above download is a self updating download. Does not need a constant internet connection for the application to run, but running while connected to the internet will allow the application to check for updates and download them. This install type installs for all users if the logged in account has administrator permissions. Otherwise, it will install per user.
Download 5.0 now Download 5.0 now
KANINE 4.0 Installation (Previous Version) Download KANINE version 4.0 If your agency has not yet switched to version 5.0 and you need to download KANINE Version 4.0, click the link above to do so. KANINE 4.0 will continue to be supported, but no new functionality will be added to the software
KANINE 5.0 Manual Installation files (V. 5.1.56 Posted 08-16-2012) Download Manual Install zip file Zipped folder containing all the application files for KANINE 5.0. This file can be unzipped and placed anywhere on your computer. Double clicking the K95.exe file will start the program. You must first have the .Net Framework 2.0 or better installed to run KANINE using this install type. This install type is typically used by large agencies that push updates out across a network to many different users. This install type does not self-update.
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Only $99.00 per handler. Unlimited K-9’s and named supervisor accounts standard
KANINE is a complete K-9 tracking software system and is used in agencies large and small throughout the US, Canada and the UK. KANINE is not new. In fact, since 2000, KANINE has been tracking K-9 records for agencies, like yours, in all types of application. KANINE tracks and reports on all necessary K- 9 areas and has a plethora of functionality that sets it apart from other all K-9 software.
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