Why are our prices a little lower than our competition? We build software that is easy to implement, easy to maintain and easy to use. This cuts support costs and, overall company costs. We pass this on to you
Have a question?   If you have a question about your KANINE software subscription, please call us at Main: (800) 992-6031 Fax: (712) 823-0433
Our mission at Code Blue Designs is to provide law enforcement as well as other public agencies with an affordable alternative to higher priced software. Our goals include; creating software solutions designed to be user-friendly, mission oriented, proficient and affordable. With that in mind, our staff is dedicated to providing software that allows valuable information to be available the moment the officer needs it.  It is our intent to provide the best product and service possible, while maintaining economical production strategies subsequently maintaining product costs that are affordable for all agencies.
At Code Blue Designs, we promise to listen. We promise to consider each and every request that our users have. We promise to consider your needs first and foremost. We promise to be straight forward with you. If our product is not exactly right for you, we want you to know. We’re not just another software company where money is the all driving force. We’ve been there.
Our Mission
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14 Years Of great software!
Amazing, innovative software that’s getting better all the time.
Code Blue Designs  Law Enforcement Software
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We use our law enforcement experience to provide you with the best possible software for the real world.
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