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KANINE 5.0 Software Status Page
Official, ongoing information about the current status of the software as it is being developed and updated.
Software update information KANINE Version 5.0 is now in full use by agencies large and small throughout the US and elsewhere. KANINE 5.0 will continue to receive updates that add functionality to the software until all reports and functionality that existed in Version 4.0 is in the new version, though all of the major functionality is now in place. KANINE 5.0 will also receive updates that add new planned functionality over the next several weeks as well. the software is no longer, however, considered to be in Beta or new release status and is fully functional. NOTE: Because the software is no longer considered to be in Beta development, all update information will again be directed to the User’s Forum from here on.
Registration Information If you are an agency that was promised a free upgrade to the KANINE 5.0 software, or are an active/paid subscriber and you have not yet received your registration information for Version 5.0, please send us an e-mail and we will get that information out to you immediately. Note that KANINE 4.0 will NOT automatically upgrade you to the new version. You must install it separately as it is a completely different application.
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