KANINE makes your job so much easier.
We work hard to make your life easier and to give you the professional K-9 software you deserve.
More reasons to use KANINE 5.0 KANINE Software is the most user-friendly K-9 software on the market. And, it has all of the features that you need, like spell checking as you type, free product updates and friendly support. As the most versatile K-9 software on the market, KANINE can be used on a stand alone computer, on a server or on in car laptops with the ability to export data to a server. In-version updates are always free, keeping you up to date with ongoing K-9 record keeping trends and software fixes. KANINE software is in use by almost 700 law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada and Europe. KANINE is versatile enough to be used by Law Enforcement, Civilian and non-profit agencies\ KANINE software is the only K-9 records software that offers GPS Tracking capabilities and in program functionality to download K-9 tracks directly to maps that can easily be attached to usage and training records. KANINE Software is the only K-9 software that has an officer’s daily log that can be used to track anything, including non-K-9 activities and notes. KANINE software has a one touch Export manager that can send data to a server database (when connected) so that multiple handler comparison reports can be made and so that supervisory personnel can review K-9 records when needed. KANINE records have been called ‘bullet proof’ by Prosecuting Attorneys. KANINE’s printed reports can easily be printed or e-mailed when court cases require proof of training and reliability. Attach Word documents, pdf files, scanned tiff documents, bitmaps, Jpegs and Pings to most records in KANINE.  
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Only $99.00 per handler. Unlimited K-9’s and named supervisor accounts standard
KANINE is a complete K-9 tracking software system and is used in agencies large and small throughout the US, Canada and the UK. KANINE is not new. In fact, since 2000, KANINE has been tracking K-9 records for agencies, like yours, in all types of application. KANINE tracks and reports on all necessary K-9 areas and has a plethora of functionality that sets it apart from other all K-9 software.
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