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Printable reports that you can be proud of.
KANINE 5.0 makes it easy to put the data you want, into the printable report that makes sense of it.
Only $99.00 per handler. Unlimited K-9’s and named supervisor accounts standard
Whether it’s entering your records, or ordering our software, we want to make things as clear cut and easy for you as possible. With KANINE, there are no complicated licensing levels. And, if you work with multiple K-9s, we’ve got you covered, for the same price. And what about supervisors? Version 5 now offers unlimited free, named supervisor access accounts at no extra charge.
You enter the data, KANINE’s printable reports will do the rest. In the early days of K-9 work, most K-9 records were kept on paper, if at all. Though this type of record keeping might provide for adequate proof of training, the data itself cannot be analyzed or presented in a professional format. KANINE provides not only the means to enter your K-9 record data expediently, but also allows you to send the data into a growing number of printable reports for court presentation or general documentation. And, KANINE has the built in functionality to convert the printable report into a pdf report at the touch of a button.  
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