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More user customizable than ever. You’ll simply love it!
Main Screen Information
Information about the KANINE Version 5.0 main screen
The Main KANINE Screen
KANINE Version 5.0 has been completely rebuilt, right down to the main screen. The new version is once again a full screen application, using the available screen real estate as purposefully as possible. And, in the process, giving you more information, and more options, than ever. The main KANINE screen offers more user defined configuration than ever, with the ability to add a scanned patch or badge to the main screen and show, hide and resize informational windows. KANINE 5.0 also allows you to choose your own theme color for text and highlights throughout the software. In 10 years of designing KANINE software, we’ve found that each user has different tastes in how they want their software to look at act. With KANINE 5.0, we’ve done our best to let the user adjust as much functionality throughout the software as possible so that KANINE software can truly be your own.
Main Screen features
The KANINE 5.0 Main Screen is the springboard to all of the amazing functionality. Navigation in KANINE version 5.0 is faster and easier than ever with built in keyboard shortcuts throughout. Some of the main screen functionality includes...
Quick access to all of your K-9 records on screen, up to date weather info Quick record count and software usage info Fully customizable dashboard Agency customizable images
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