Upgrade to Version 5.0 from an earlier version
Because we value our customers, we offer half price licensing for currently registered customers.
Only $100.00 per handler. Unlimited K-9’s and named supervisor accounts standard
Please contact us if you have any questions about the upgrade process. We want to help you to make the transition as easily and safely as possible.
Licensing considerations- If you have purchased upgrade licenses for KANINE version 5.0, or are eligible for a free upgrade because you have purchased within the last 6 months, you should receive an e- mail with your new registration code for the KANINE version 5.0 software. Without this registration information your handlers, that were previously licensed, will be unable to enter to records. So, be sure that you have your licensing information before you upgrade your software. If you have not yet purchased your upgrade licenses, you can do so for $100.00 per handler, via our website on-line order page, or by calling us at 1-(712) 527-4330. Side by side installations- It is possible for you to install KANINE version 5.0, covert your K-9 data and use the new software in a test scenario, while still using your previous version of the KANINE software. KANINE 5.0 will run side by side with earlier versions of KANINE and will not negatively affect your old database, or software. It is recommended, however, that once KANINE Version 5.0 is installed and running, that you un-install KANINE 4.0 from your computer. Reconverting your data- If you choose to perform a preliminary install KANINE of version 5.0 to test the conversion process and software, by entering test records etc., but would like to perform the live conversion at a later date, you can do so by simply deleting the K95.mdb file from the CBD data folder. After deleting this file, simply run the KANINE version 5.0 software and it will find that the K95.mdb file is not in place and will take you directly to the conversion screen so that you can convert your old data again, and begin using KANINE version 5.0 live. Setup and installation considerations- KANINE Version 5.0 utilizes the same runtime files (.Net Framework 2.0+) as KANINE 4.0 did. Version 5 can also be installed in the same manner as you currently have KANINE version 4.0 installed. KANINE 5.0 will utilize the same data folder as version 4.0 to include re-use of many of the database files. In essence, if a version of KANINE 2006- 4.0+ is installed on a computer, nothing extra should need to be installed for KANINE Version 5.0 to run successfully. Windows based user permissions- KANINE Version 5.0 adds a database files named k95.mdb. Please make sure that IT personnel, where necessary, adjust the user permissions for the CBD Data folder for any users that will be using KANINE Version 5.0, so that the users will have full read/ write permissions on the entire CBD Data folder, to include this new file.
Please read this if you are currently using a previous version of KANINE and are ready to move to 5.0 If you are using an earlier version of the KANINE software there are three steps that you must complete. The first step is to install KANINE 5.0. The second step is to run the built in conversion to import your data from your current version into the new KANINE 5 database. the third step is to run the KANINE 5.0 software, browse through the records that KANINE imported for you and verify that your records are intact and appear accurate. The last step is necessary because there are wide changes that are made to the database to better serve the K-9 officer. Please follow the instructions below to import your existing KANINE record data so that you can successfully make the transition and begin using the KANINE version 5.0 Software.
Download the KANINE Version 5.0 Software Download the KANINE 5.0 software from here KANINE 5.0 Download . If need be, you can ‘Save’ this file to a removable drive so that you can transport the file to a non-Internet connected laptop for installation.
Install KANINE version 5.0 Run the KANINE 5.0 installation file to install the software on your computer.
Run the KANINE 5.0 Conversion utility After installing KANINE version 5.0, run the KANINE software for the first time. When KANINE first runs, it will look for an existing copy of the new k95.mdb. When it does not find this file, it will open a screen that will allow you to access the conversion utility. Click the ‘Upgrade’ button, or click on the ‘Database Conversion Utility’ tab to navigate to the Conversion utility screen. Click the ‘Browse’ button to browse to your current KANINE2006.mdb file. If the file is in the default location of C:\CBD Data, it should be listed in the path field already. Once the correct path to your current data file is displayed in the path field, click the ‘Begin Conversion’ button to import your current data into the KANINE version 5.0 database. Once the conversion process is completed, you will be taken to the login screen. Select your user name from the drop down list, type in your password and log into KANINE as you would in any other version of KANINE software. The ‘Registration’ screen will immediately open, at this point, as shown below.
Register your KANINE Version 5.0 Software Paste the provided registration information into the registration screen (Shown below) to register the software.  
After registering the software you must enable the imported handler accounts. By default, handler accounts from previous installations are imported as read-only ‘Supervisor’ accounts. So, you must turn these accounts (After registering) into Handler accounts. A single button in the ‘Profiles’ screen will perform this action. To enable any imported handlers, simply go into the ‘Profiles’ screen in KANINE, select each handler that will be licensed, one by one, and click the ‘Switch account to Handler account’ button. NOTE: The when in the Profile screen, you must click the ‘Supervisor’ tab to find the imported accounts. The system will only allow you to import as many handlers as you are licensed for.
Repeat for any laptops that have their own, local database that they work from. If you are a single handler agency, your installation and conversion process is complete. You can now begin using KANINE 5.0 software. If your agency has more than once handler, please repeat the above process for any users that keep their data on their laptop, including those users that occasionally export to a server based database.
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